What kind of heroes can a newbie choose in Apex Legends?

Although in Apex Legends there are only 8 modalities (for the time being); newcomers usually get lost and do not know which character to choose. In fact, each Legend has a series of useful features that make it useful for the team. 

Of course, you can choose only one interesting character for you, but most players try to act in synergy with teammates. Only then you can achieve victory and become the Champion of Apex.

So, in our opinion, the most useful character for a squadron in Apex Legends is Lifeline.  This African-American has the ability to restore total health, if he does not have the first aid kit on hand.

The second great skill is to use a shield to prevent you from falling into enemy hands; while you have your teammate on your knees under the shield. 

Another incredibly useful character for the team is Bangalore. This lady is able to simultaneously release three smoke grenades in the region; which will allow her to retreat or, on the contrary, disorient the enemy. 

Bangalore skills at Apex Legends

The passive ability accelerates the speed of movement of Bangalore, if it is under enemy fire. It provokes a strong fire in a certain area, which will allow you to remove the opponent from the refuge and slow it down significantly. Well, and cause significant damage in the impact.

If you want to go alone in Apex Legends, we recommend that you begin to master the Pathfinder . This fun robot has a hook that allows you to climb on almost any hill. Using this tactical ability, you can catch the enemy off guard; when you get behind your back or hit it from an unexpected direction.

As a team skill, Pathfinder has the ability to scan an area and discover where the area will narrow in the next step. Very useful if you want to always have an advantage in the form of advantageous position occupations. 

Very often, battles are won due to the fact that one squad turns out to be behind the area; while another waits quietly in safety and in the absence of damage.

As for the “ulty”, the robot can free the cable between two different points. And, unlike the cat hook, this cable can be used by every member of the team or your enemy. 

You could see stretched strings across the map, along which you can move quickly through a cliff or between buildings.

Other heroes (Gibraltar, Mirage, Caustic, Rafe, Hound) are more difficult to master. It is necessary to play more than a dozen battles in them to understand how to properly use gas bombs; duplicate and other skills.

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