Tricks for Mirage – Apex Legends

Apex Legends offers a group of characters with plenty of abilities you can choose from. One of the Legends we introduce today is “Mirage.” Here you will find the best tips if you are intended to choose this character.


For starters, Mirage is what we know as a Trickster that uses a “Holo Polo” Technology in order to dupe enemies via holograms. Mirage can even cloak himself in cases of getting knocked down. Read this article to get know some tricks for Mirage.

 Mirage is one of Apex Legends characters that players find difficult to fight against as it usually pins down the location. Just when thinking Mirage was caught, it turns out it was a hologram instead. Even though you can have a good time by playing Mirage, the playstyle it offers makes player outthink opponents frequently and this can be truly rewarding when pulling off a perfect trick or emerging suddenly to take them by surprise. This makes Mirage a complex and tricky character.     

Mirage: A Guide through the Character

Get to know some tricks for Mirage

Mirage offers players “Passive/Encore” used in order to drop a decoy for cloaking during five seconds after being knocked down. Encore, a passive that comes in handy when being knocked down from a far distance or covered in a near position. Whatever the case is, cloak for five seconds by crawling away the fastest you can from the firefight zone so you get a safe spot.

Mirage also offers “Tactical Ability / Psyche Out” for sending out holographic decoys in order to confuse opponents. These decoys will run right to the target you aim, for it is important to assure things have been lined up properly before trigging on it. This ability Mirage brings for players is versatile and it can be used for toying with opponents as well as coaxing with them into revealing a position.

 Before crossing a door, it is recommended to send a decoy for teasing out some shots in order to give away the position of you enemies. Also, it is a good idea to send a decoy through a “grenade” smoke in order to divert attention and take enemies by surprise. Mirage’s “Ultimate/Vanish Act” is yet another cool ability of this legends. With this ability, you can send decoy teams for distracting opponents while cloaking. Remember that you do not get completely invisible, but you will get more difficult to spot. Be careful as eagle-eyed enemies can see the silhouette so don’t be reckless when cloaking.

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