Tricks for Lifeline and Pathfinder – Apex Legends

In any battle, it is necessary to have a doctor and Apex Legends gives you the best one called Lifeline. This legend can heal the team and blast opponents when standing in her way.


This legend’s abilities center in supporting the team. Lifeline has a healing drone she calls whenever it is needed. Lifeline’s passive allows her to revive team members when knocked down. This is a game changer in firefights as other legends cannot revive others as fast as Lifeline does. It would be interesting to learn some Tricks for Lifeline and Pathfinder when playing Apex Legends.

 Another benefit of this character is that it can drop a pod which is filled by defensive items and this is one of the reasons she becomes a must-pickup character in Apex Legends. Here you have what Lifeline has to offer. “Passive / Combat Medic” with this ability, this legend revives teammates faster while protecting everybody with a shield wall which is placed in the direction you set your sight on.

 This is a come in handy legend you need to have in your team. “Tactical Ability / D.O.C Heal Drone” is a companion drone which heals instantly teammates. In order to accomplish that, Lifeline must be close to other team members in the presence of the static drone to ensure healing. Use only when necessary and not in the opening of the game as you would be vulnerable to attacks.

Ultimate Ability / Care Package” is another ability which is used to drop a pod filled with defensive gears which benefits your teammates, but make sure you spot a safe position to drop the pod so you and your teammates can loot it all with no rush or fear of being attacked.    

Apex Legends: Pathfinder

Pathfinder is a fan favorite as it offers travel skills. It also benefits itself and teammates by providing the power of the “Grappling Hooks” that can be fired off in any surface in order to high speed reel. This allows to move around the map fast and set ways to outmaneuver opponents or reach out areas.

Pathfinder’s ultimate ability fires off a long distance grappling hook which enables you all to hop on in order to coordinate flanks or escaping routes. Pathfinder offers “Passive / Insider Knowledge” which allows to scan a “survey beacon” for revealing the next location of the ring.

Those survey beacons possess a particular icon right on the minimap that resembles one radio emitting a broadcast signal. You can get an “audio cue” only by approaching to one beacon and then check the map and then you will see a highlighted circle.  “Tactical / Grappling Hook” fires off a grappling hook in a short range latched to a surface for reeling you in. It is a wonderful ability to reposition when needed to move around the map quickly.  

Become the best Apex Legend gamer ever getting to know these Tricks for Lifeline and Pathfinder.

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