Tricks for Caustic and Gilbratar

Let’s show you the best tricks for Caustic and Gilbratar; some particular Apex Legends characters.


Apex Legends: Caustic

Caustic is another Apex Legends Character whose abilities are based on map control since it is capable of blanking an entire area with a poison mist or throwing small canisters for chipping away at selected targets who unfortunately are unable to breath the toxic fumes emitted. Caustic plays a significant role due to the use of the toxic NOX gas in order to push opponents to more vulnerable spots on the map, force enemies to hide out or even send them to your teammates force attack.

 Here you have a guideline of this legend which includes abilities such as “Passive Ability / Nox Vision.” Caustic is allowed to see enemy’s whereabouts through the NOX gas, which comes in handy once an area is covered with the gas and opponents find it hard to see you.

 You can throw this gas in the firefight or in front of your adversaries to better position yourself while opponents struggle to escape.

Tactical Ability / Nox Gas Trap” is another Caustic’s ability where the legend can throw canisters which release the NOX gas when shooting or triggering by adversaries.

 Once you discover where your enemies are lurking, droop these canisters in the doorway to catch them all off guard.

“Ultimate Ability / Nox Gas Grenade.” When using this ability, make sure you line up the grenades before triggering them. This is very useful when opponents are located in a building or a chokepoint.   

ApexLegends: Gibraltar

Gibraltar is a character from Apex Legends with a shield projected anywhere desired. In order to protect teammates, Gibraltar can activate a shield dome or an airstrike for those who dare to go against. Gibraltar is a “key” member as the core of the character’s strength is tanking damage from teammates and offering defensive tactics.

 Gibraltar is not as fast as other legends; that is, the character does not have the same mobility as part of the survival pack. Here you have a description of Gibraltar’s abilities.  

Passive / Gun Shield.” As stated before, the character can project a shield. Despite the shield can be chipped away by opponents, it can be recharged. Be careful as you only get shield protection in front of you, for you are vulnerable in the back or on your sides. Secure a position where you do not risk it all. 

Tactical / Dome of Protection” is an extraordinary tool thrown in specific positions to activate a dome to shelter you and your teammates. You can use this dome to isolate enemies in order to shoot without affecting your teammates.

You just read the best tricks for Caustic and Gilbratar. If you want to become familiar with this interesting game, keep on reading our posts.

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