Tricks for Bangalore – Apex Legends

In the world of Apex Legends, Bangalore is a character hardly engineered to get the best potential in combat. Bangalore is a female soldier tactical abilities which allows her to smoke off chokepoints; that is, producing lethal damage by giving a strong speed boost while being passive. Also, you have Bangalore’s ultimate, one of the fastest in the game.


When activated, Bangalore will call in an “airstrike” for sweeping across the landscape in order to devastate opponents. This is also marvelous for flushing out enemies that holed up around.  Get to know the best Tricks for Bangalore on this post.

Bangalore: Tips and Abilities

Passive Ability / Double Time

Here is an insight of this legend. Bangalore has a wonderful ability known as “Passive Ability/Double Time”, which ensures a speed up boost in case of being harmed while sprinting. This is very useful when being caught up in trouble and need a way out or relocation. Take advantage of this passive ability by making a smart move when boosting out to avoid bullets and relocate with your team.

An alternate use of this ability is to move in a way to take advantage to seize the opportunity of getting more aggressive, but on your terms. When being attacked with a “Low Damage Weapon”, you can speed boost to relocate and get a better position on the map. If you use weapons like shotguns and rapid-fire guns, there is a big chance to dart in and out of any engagement with great ease.

Tactical Ability/Smoke Launcher

Tactical Ability/Smoke Launcher” is another Bangalore’s ability used to fire off a high speed smoke container which explodes instantly into an impact smoke wall. The “Smoke Launcher” comes in handy, especially when the team is down. By throwing a smoke canister in front of the teammates, you will give them the chance to survive as it creates a smoke wall. This is also useful when you need to smoke off chokepoints in order to get a way out route.

 Smoke Launcher is a great flanking tool you can also use when being in battle. Just throw a canister in the fight to provide you team of better cover for sneaking around. When teammates have fallen in battle, it is time to throw a canister at them to later use the cover in order to revive them or even to race through the smoke in order to close the gap. Bangalore is a wonderful Character in Apex Legends.

Ultimate Ability / Rolling Thunder

 Another cool Bangalore’s ability is “Ultimate Ability / Rolling Thunder” which is an artillery strike used for slowly creeping across the landscape. When choosing this ability, what you have to do is to throw a grenade right to a targeted location. Seconds later, bombs will fall, for it is important to take some time to line up before throwing. 

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