Tricks Bloodhound and Wrath

Learn the best tricks Bloodhound and Wrath for Apex Legends on this post, continue reading.


Apex Legends: Bloodhound

If you look for support and defense, Bloodhound is definitively the “Legend” you need as it is packed with certain abilities that allow to aid the team by identifying enemies’ whereabouts in order to buff them in the battle. It is an excellent tactical advantage which makes this character popular among others in Apex Legends. As stated before, Bloodhound is a perfect pickup as it is very useful to any team.

Bloodhound can see through walls in order to solo clear out an area. Some great abilities worth mention are “Passive Tracker” which consists of putting coins on your hub to indicate that enemies are near. Teammates can see those coins so they can help you ambush opponents or avoid an attack.  “Tactical / Eye of the Allfather” is an ability that sends a radar pulse that lights up enemies. Once the radiation reach opponents, they cannot be protected by walls or any other obstacle found in the environment, for they will always be in Bloodhounds sight. Surely, you will learn the best Tricks Bloodhound and Wrath by reading this article.

This legends teammates also benefits from this outline which provides an extraordinary advantage when using in the perfect moment in battle. For instance, when popping out in the entrance of a building, you can scan the area in order to see who and where enemies are lurking inside in order to call out your teammates. With this action plan, you can set up a strategy to route around and catch unguarded your opponents. A common mistake for rookies is to rush up into the building to attack. Take some time and make the right move as enemies could change position after the last scan.    

Apex Legends: Wrath

This is a “stealth based” character capable to slip into the shadows and manipulate the environment for creating portals players can travel through. Although Wrath is considered one of the most powerful characters in Apex Legends, it is not recommended for a newcomer as full knowledge of the map and teammates are necessary.

The best abilities this legend include “Passive / Voices from the Void” an ability that consists of activating voices once the character is close to enemies in order to alert possible danger. Once Wraith gets this information, it needs to get in touch with teammates to prevent harm. Be always prepare to listen to this warning messages. “

Tactical – Into the Void” is another ability where Wraith turns fully invisibles and moves surprisingly fast. Keep in mind you do not get to see other players when this ability is activated. It is recommended for you to take a wider look at the environment before racing. This is fantastic when you want to drop unexpectedly in combat. This can be also used as an emergency escape if you are struggling in the firefight. When surrounded in a circle by tour enemy, this is a lifesaving choice. These tricks Bloodhound and Wrath will be worthy for you when playing the best battle game ever Apex Legends.         

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