Trick: How to reload faster on Apex?

Now when we talk about popular Battle Royale games, we know Apex is on the top with the best titles.

It has been only one month and we already are more than 50 million players, surpassing the popular Fortnite in growing. But, even though, some users already found tricks to make a better experience, and one of these are how to reload faster. This advice came from Youtuber Skeltano and we will explain to you what he did.

How to reload faster in a middle of a fight?

We all know that reloading can make a huge difference. If the character takes too much time doing it, this could mean that we could be in a vulnerable situation and not being able to shoot for a few seconds. So, this youtuber made an amazing discovering about this subject: if you reload when you still have left one bullet, the process will be way faster.

He showed in a video, using a R-301, that if you waste all your bullets and reload, this could take a few seconds. But, if you leave just one bullet and then reload, the process is faster. How faster? In the same amount of time, you can reload and shoot half of the other cartridge. This is very important in a middle of a fight, because if you take too much time, you’re basically dead.

Now, we all know that the problem with this incredible trick is that you need to keep an eye on the counter. In a middle of a fight with a squad this could be difficult, for sure. But, keep in mind that if you master this trick, you will be probably reloading faster than the other players, having a big advantage on them.

You can watch Skeltano’s video about it and see the huge difference, and also, try this trick while playing to win the next match.

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