Top 3 best Legends to play on Apex?

Apex Legends has just a few months but its popularity is going to the roof. In just one month Apex has reached 50 million players, surpassing Fortnite in growing at this rate. So, to celebrate this achievement, we decide to analyze the characters to choose the best top 3. So, take a look at our ranking and let us know if you think the same.

Best 3 characters on Apex:

  1. Lifeline: this is so far the best legend. Her ability to call in high tier loot, like optics and defensive objects. This is extremely helpful at the beginning and at the mid game where you can help your squad to find the best equipment. Another great ability is her directional shield that she can throw when healing, added to her ability to heal way faster than any other character.

  2. Bangalore: a good characteristic of Bangalore is the Rolling Thunder artillery. This can help you to push squads out of the zone. But also, Bangalore is really good to stop healing and revivals from the other team, you just need to throw out her flare and you will see how the other team lose their mind. But, be careful that your own squad is not close. Finally, her smoky grenades are a great way to hide and escape from difficult situations. Throw them and see how the opponent trying to cross without seeing properly.

  3. Pathfinder: this character is an incredible machine that can help your team at any time. Its swing is the best way to move around the map because you can reach rooftops and ledges than other characters can’t. Also, you can use the permanent zipline, a great way to escape for the entire team or maybe rescuing a teammate. Finally, the Inside Knowledge can help you to spot the next ring on the map if Pathfinder can reach one of the elevated beacons.

Apex Legends Game:

    top 3 apex legends

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