Tips to improve in Apex Legends and win

Let’s have a look at some of the best tips for beginners and experienced players at Apex Legends. Maybe you did not know about some secrets.

The tips for Apex Legends , will show you a lot of tricks that will help you in the game. I have many tips on strategies, booty collection, healing, shields and more.

In this section, let’s look at the tips you should know before entering the battlefield. They can also help some players who have just tried the game and may have missed something.

Tips to improve in Apex Legends and win
Tips to improve in Apex Legends and win

No damage when falling : Drop as high as you want, jump from the highest heights, because you will not be harmed by the fall!

No fire friend : Do not worry about accidentally using your special ability with your teammates, because you can not inflict damage with your skills or weapons. But there is a slight exception if you play caustic. Even if you do not harm your teammates with gasoline from their containers, it has the same effect of weakening sight as it does for enemies.

Give up the command : If you are not sure of the landing sites and do not want to be responsible, then do not forget to give it so that someone else can take on this responsibility. The person who chose his character as the last will be the commander!

Rare color and quality values : You will see many different colors, when it comes to mining, they denote its quality. Here is a list of the worst, the best: high levels tend to be better if we are not talking about the optics that each one chooses for himself.

  • Normal (White)
  • Rare (Blue)
  • Epic (purple)
  • Legendary (gold)

Hide your weapon to run faster : If you are moving or trying to escape, you need to hide your weapon immediately! You will run much faster if you remove the gun. Make sure you have brought this skill automatically: hide the weapon constantly when you are not using it.

Crouching for extra speed : Speaking of gaining extra speed during movements, you can keep the button crouched while descending to accelerate. It is very convenient and will help you to get down faster. It is also useful when you are attacking an opponent or trying to escape!

You can climb the walls : You can not climb huge mountains, but you can climb the walls. All you need to do is climb the wall, jump and hold the space bar, and climb the wall. 

If you need to climb high walls, you need to hide your weapon to climb higher. Use this skill in melee problems! If you are fighting with someone close to you, you can climb a rock or a platform to control your opponents. Most players expect you to come from a shelter, but not from above.

Collect only the loot you need : At the beginning of the game Apex Legends , all collect everything they see to start having some ammunition and shields. 

Take only what you need, or need in the future. These are first aid kits, repairs of shields and ammunition for your current weapons. Make sure you do not have ammunition that you do not use. For this, they are marked with a red marker. Inventory slots are limited, so you should get rid of the excess.

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