Tips for beginners and how to get started at Apex Legends

Apex Legends is a battle royale, which means that you must survive the rest of the competitors to be the last player alive. Or, in the case of Apex Legends, the last platoon.

beginners in apex legends

In some aspects this game is different than usual, and there are also common areas in which Apex Legends changes with small aspects of the interface and design choices that will make your life easier, so here is a summary of what is essential to get started before starting with the most advanced topics:

Tips for Apex Legends beginners and things you should know

Interface tips

Apex Legends has a fantastic marking system. If you are not a fan of voice chat, you can communicate by marking objects, enemies or locations.

You can silence your squad mates. Go to the second tab of the inventory of the game, go to the name of the player and the option to silence him (of nothing) will appear.

There are text-to-speech and voice-to-text functions, although the former seems to be PC-only. They appear in the Options section of the main menu, in the Accessibility section of Game Settings.

Each game has 60 players, that is, 20 squads. The HUD in-game counter at the top of the right tells you how many squads and players are alive, although it clearly marks the first because the key to surviving Apex Legends is to eliminate platoons, not just loose players.

Tips in game

The games usually last between 14 and 25 minutes, much less than in other battle royale, thanks to the smaller number of players and high mobility, as well as a smaller map than usual.

The interface is excellent: you can see the number of players and squads on the right, the time on the left and the weapons (with color codes) on the bottom right.

The indicator on the left side of your HUD tells you when the next “phase” begins, that is, when the circle will close, forcing you to go to a safe area (marked in translucent white on your map) and minimap).

There are no vehicles or titans. You will have to take advantage of the skills of your squad to move efficiently through the map.

The loot is scattered all over the map, but some special areas like the Supply Ship have higher loot. You will usually find more loot in areas with more buildings.

Tips before getting off the plane.

You can jump from the ship to the beginning in fixed formation, following the jump leader. Use the marking system to suggest or discard locations where to jump. Although you can separate yourself from your leader with a button, we recommend that you keep the group together.

In general, the style of play that Apex Legends favors being fast and moving constantly with your squad. It is not a suitable game for lone wolves, contemplative moments of solitude or campers (which does not mean you cannot try it).

Apex Legends Game:

    getting started in apex legends

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