Three main strategies to win in Apex Legends

Three main strategies to win in Apex Legends

We bring you three strategies to succeed in Apex Legends, with tactics and different schemes that will help you to face the action in a different way and above all, to act decisively and anticipate the enemies, knowing how to move, how to act and what to do at each moment.

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Strategy 1: land on the ship

The ship that flies over the map is an ideal point to land. Specifically, it has a good loot and you will get to it sooner than anywhere else on the map. Keep in mind that its appearance at the start of each game is random and it will not always be easy to get to it first instance.

If not, do not hesitate to use your fists before the rest of the teams, so if the others are late and you are already inside, take the opportunity to surprise knowing that most players will fall first on the outside of the ship.

Strategy 2: take advantage of the map limits

Accessing the most remote areas of the map can be decisive to survive longer. In this way, you will find more teams in certain foreign territories, as many involve high bounty but if you choose a secluded area and not very busy you can loot quieter.

In addition, there will not be too many squads, so the shootings will not be as chaotic as in more crowded areas. It is recommended to be attentive to any noise at all times.

Strategy 3: learn to get around in crowded areas

To conclude, evaluate the environment before being the first to shoot when you see someone is critical; are you alone? Can there be someone nearby? If an enemy flees, do not chase them without thinking since they can lead you to an ambush. If you can, you and your team must “plunder” everything that is lootable and you can charge items, even if they are not useful to you but the enemy will not be able to take it.

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