This is the price for the Apex Battle Pass

Apex Legends has every gamer on the edge, and now, even more, when EA hasn’t released official information about the next updates.

So, if you are one of the gamers wondering and wanting to know a bit more, in here we will tell you all about the Apex Battle Pass prices and what would you need to get it. As always, we also recommend you to keep up with us so you will know all the important information all the time!

What we know about the Apex Battle Pass?

Dataminers have made huge research work to let us know all the details. We already know the new legend Octane is coming very soon and we also know about his powers and abilities. But, with this information, we also got to know the First Season Battle Pass price! This information was leaked on The Origins official EA page in a banner, so what we know is not much but it is enough for now.

The official banner had a few important things: first, it confirmed Octane as the new and next legend. It also let us know that we will have new weapons and special loots. But, most important, it gave us the official price for the Battle Pass. To get it you will need 950 Apex coins, the yellow ones, and you can only buy it with this exclusive premium coins. We know that 1000 Apex coins are $10, so this will be approximately the price for the First Season Battle Pass. By extension, we also know that this will be exclusive on the Apex Store.

With this information we just know that the First Season Battle Pass will bring a few pleasant surprises, so we only need to wait for the release date to enjoy the updates of the game.

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