The sanctions in APEX are met

The promised thing is debt and Apex fulfills its promises, a couple of days ago the developer of Apex was pronounced about a grievance that affected the majority of the participants in the games within the game.

The sanctions in APEX are met
PARIS, FRANCE – MARCH 13: In this photo illustration a teenager plays the video game Apex Legends developed by Respawn Entertainment and published by Electronic Arts (EA) on a Sony PlayStation game console PS4 Pro on March 13, 2019 in Paris, France. Apex Legends, a battle royale type video game continues to break new records every day, and now gathers more than 25 million players around the world. (Photo by Chesnot/Getty Images)

These are people who entered the games and then abandoned them for no reason, which brings disadvantage to the rest of the team that remains within that game, this has been reported multiple times by the community and very recently was attended to complain.

Traps within the game

Apparently the game despite so much effort on the part of the developers in conjunction with the community to detect all the wrong or illegal actions within the game have been found in different games that a particular user has managed to implement hacks.

This action took the Respawn team to a thorough search to find the suspect, it turns out that Apex had been having problems with several suspects to use hacks and others to win the games to which many other users have responded with reports and The same Respawn team has decided to ban a large number of players.

It is estimated that in the short time that Apex has been online, a large number of around 800,000 players have been stripped of their accounts due to suspicions of hacks within the game, it is quite strong to face since the game has a short time of life to afford to lose that important amount of accounts created.

Banners to hackers

As Respawn herself said in a conference, “There will not be any cheat here.” It seems that is fully complying with everything that is promising, a few days ago reported the case of the banker of another player, and everything was filmed in the lives of a streamer on Twitch.

The case of Twitch

On the Stream Twitch platform, an incident was reported while a team match was being recorded at Apex Legends where the streamer suffered several deaths by a player on the opposing team named waigai72.

Banners to hackers

The curious thing about these deaths is that they happened in very unusual and inexplicable ways, something that attracted enough attention to the streamer who after a while decided to observe the deaths from the spectator mode where he realized that it was hacks on the part of waigai72.

The streamer proceeded immediately to report the case and while playing it was achieved with the surprise that in the same game the Respawn team took immediate actions and proceeded to ban the user.

The truth is that Respawn is doing things very well and it is appreciated this attention to users and the large community that is forming around them, this will serve as an incentive for players who do not yet have the game are encouraged to acquire it.

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