The Havoc: the new Apex Legends assault rifle

Apex Legends had a busy first month when more than 50 million players got the game, surprising everyone even its rival Fornite.

But now that we are all excited about this new game, we want to know more about the updates, new characters, new weapons and so much more. On this occasion, we will discuss the new assault rifle on Apex Legends: The Havoc. This new weapon is very promising. And even when Respawn hasn’t released any hard numbers, we can already see is a beast.

A new energy assault rifle with hitscan beam mode

This new weapon called The Havoc. Is an energy assault rifle that can be equipped with two different hop-ups. The Turbocharger that takes out the delay on every reload, but also the Selectfire Receiver that will make you able to switch from standard autofire to a hitscan beam mode. This is, so far, the only weapon on the game that can do this. Just with this information we can say this will be the most powerful one to have.

Also, EA shared that this new weapon is very similar to the Hemlock when we compare the damage per shot. This is a very interesting comparison. But is not surprising, because with these two hop-ups and having a good optic, we already know it will take us a little practice to get used to this weapon and make effective shots.

Respawn so far has blessed us with constant updates, new weapons, it’s coming the first season battle pass and we are still discovering new things. If this is the peace they want to take, this will be a great indicator that every week we will have new things to enjoy, keeping the interest up high. But for now, we just know The Havoc will be the favorite weapon of many and we already want to test it for ourselves.

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