Solo Mode in Apex

Apex Legends has stood out since its launch for being a constant action game and very recognized for the team play modes that it had since its inception, the ability to survive with the help of your teammates and even the difficulty of being in the first place even counting With support from your allies.

Solo Mode in Apex

Now Apex has decided to launch a solo game mode from the second season in which you will have to use your individual skills to gain victory, if Apex playing as a team was complicated this individual mode will take you to the limit.

60 players 1 single winner

In this new game mode you will have to be alert in all directions because the enemies could reach you from anywhere, it is a more exciting and frantic game mode since it is about surviving at the cost of your reflexes, your speed and your ability of locating the enemy.

It provides an environment of much wider and more difficult difficulty that could be the beginning of a revolutionary game mode, it has been the most successful game mode that they have been able to launch and the community thanks it with applause, good comments and others.

Level increase in solo mode

Being one of the best players in several games, you will be mentioned and placed on the map screens you are playing and other players can see your name, skin and scores.

It does not represent a significant advantage or bring any attractive benefit, but it could be considered as a pride for the player to have his name in the stories of the game, that is, on the different screens that appear scattered across the map.

Level increase in solo mode Apex Legends

Increased experience

It is much easier to get to higher levels playing alone because it is considered a much more complicated challenge, since the same game mode rewards you with extra experience and better statistics scores of your account.

As in all games, Apex has a ranking list of the best players and the player with the highest scores, highest level and best qualifications in games is positioned at the highest.

Since developers are taking care to keep the game perfectly filtered, Apex could be considered as the most complicated game to be able to reach that first level in a Battleroyal. It will all depend on your ability!

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