Respawn has already banned 770,000 cheats from Apex Legends

The Battle Royale of Respawn Entertainment is tough against cheating players, as its makers have banned 770,000 Apex players.

770000 banned!

It has been three months since the release of Apex Legends and since then Respawn Entertainment has found a large wave of cheating players who have entered the battle royale. As they implement a new anti-cheating system, they have already banned more than 770,000 players to date. This has halved the number of games affected by user traps. This is one of the steps that the study is taking to improve the overall quality of the game and communication with the players.

A battle royale with many cheats

The fact that there are so many players that cheat is because in PC, Windows is a fairly open system and suitable for modifications, something that allows cheaters to access the files and executables of the game. For that reason, we do not see so many traps in the versions of consoles of the game, since PlayStation 4 and Xbox One have closed systems.

Apex Legends traps tricks banner

Respawn’s response has reached several levels, from the aforementioned banned players to promoting an update of the anti-cheating system in the game last week and to be working with other departments in EA to better deal with the issue. The Apex development team has joined the EA Security and Fraud team to redeem 4000 trick sale accounts in the last 20 days. They have also joined forces with the Origin team to block 300,000 new previously banned account creations and have worked with fellow DICE, FIFA and Capital Games developers to use the “Easy-Anti-Cheat” system to detect and ban everything type of trap.

Despite the exhaustive protocol that has been followed, Respawn has been reluctant to share very specific details about the methods they have used to detect and cheat the cheats.

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