Reloading faster in Apex Legends with this trick

Reloading faster in Apex Legends with this trick

We are going to tell you a trick on how to reload faster in Apex Legends. Being precise and effective in the battle royale of Respawn Entertainment based on Titanfall can be the difference between winning or falling defeated, with milliseconds that in this type of first-person-shooter category games are invaluable to achieve the task of obtaining victory each game in the battlefield.

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That is why; we have discovered a way to reload weapons faster in Apex Legends. We tell you how it is done so that you enjoy a valid and useful advantage in the multiplayer battles offered by the free-to-play title. Of course, we must be very attentive and be very precise, but it can give us a few vital seconds to win.

How to reload faster in Apex Legends as valid advantage

In detail, to recharge faster in Apex Legends you have to press the reload button leaving at least one bullet in the chamber. The animation of recharge will be shorter and the final animated move will be removed, meaning a few tenths of a second that we can save by recharging the weapon, having a final impact on how fast we shoot in key moments of confrontation with other players.

Of course, like any valid trick that is done in first-person shooter games, it is a technique that requires precision to be perfected, since in the middle of a shoot it is difficult to check the bullets that are being fired to execute this small trick. But the seconds we win can make the difference between winning and losing.

Now, this trick has two exceptions regarding the specific weapons available in Apex Legends. Specifically, it does not work with the Wingman weapon or with the Havoc energy rifle, while for other weapons it is possible to use this trick as a small valid advantage by not breaking any rules.

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