Reduce lag on Apex Legends by changing region

Reduce lag on Apex Legends by changing region

Without any doubt, if there is something that puts any player’s nerves is the “lag” or latency, with plenty of reasons that provoke connection problems or a slower response than normal within the game, and many of them are directly linked to your internet provider and affect players’ performance greatly.

Reduce lag on Epex Legends
Reduce lag on Epex Legends

Now, if you have problems of this type in Apex Legends maybe the game has not been placed your account on an optimal server. Fortunately, change regions manually is a possible process to carry out in all available platforms of the game.

How do you do this? The technique varies according to your preferred platform, but the original concept is the same for all of them: you must wait a few minutes on the title screen, open and close a specific options menu and a new menu will appear that will let you manually choose which server you want to connect to play.

In case you are very lost in this whole matter, we recommend that you always choose the one with the lowest latency by following the first number, and with the least loss of packages by following the second number.

Change server in Apex Legends: Instructions according to every gaming platform

If you play in console such as Play Station4 or Xbox One:

  • Wait two minutes on the title screen.
  • Enter the accessibility menu located in the lower left corner.
  • Exit the menu and press the right lever of the controller (R3).
  • Choose the server you want to connect to.

If you play on PC:

  • Wait a minute on the title screen.
  • Press ESC on the keyboard, as if you were to exit the game.
  • A second confirmation box will appear. Select “cancel” to return to the title screen.
  • Now the server menu should appear at the bottom of the screen.

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