Possible survival mode and hover tanks on Apex

Apex Legends is growing unbelievably fast and we are all part of it. At this rhythm, is not a surprise that in every update we find amazing surprises, new modes, characters, weapons and so much more. But, let’s be honest, we want the news now! Well, dataminers have them for us, because they now have uncovered possible survival mode and hover tanks. So, how did this start this time? What we already know?

Apex secrets: new modes and hover tanks on its way.

So far we have only two modes on Apex, Solo mode and Duos. But apparently, is very possible that this can change soon and we have some information from a dataminer. Its user is called ApexDBR discovered some reference to survival mode and team deathmatch on the Apex file. This is not surprising, because we already know some similar games having this mode. The question is, when is it coming?

But this is not all, another user called RealApexLeaks did another research about the subject and found that the survival mode will feature an NPC crowd that will be reacting to players’ actions, like cheering them up, booing and standing ovations. Also, they found a list of names, but these are not characters, they are host NPCs. Now, this is something we haven’t seen before.  

Now, there is no information about what the player has to go through on this mode, but apparently in some point has to be with a hover tank. Dataminers also found a file with the name of it, but we don’t have yet a clear idea of what involves.

So far, we can see clearly that Apex is planning new modes that are going to bring a lot of fun in new creative ways. This, added to the news of new characters, are only affirming that the new updates will be just incredible.

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