Penalties at Apex Legends

Penalties at Apex Legends. Finally, what has already been going on for a long time is now reality and it is that Apex has been warning players for a while that they will be penalized when they leave the games without having finished them, so if you are a player with a lot of statistics good you do not want to leave the games in this way because it will be reflected in your statistics surely.

Penalties at Apex Legends

Many of the users repudiated the fact that Apex implemented the penalty function for those players who perform reckless movements in their accounts. While before it was already a rumor now the video game development team has revealed news about this penalty which is now official.

How does the new Apex penalty work?

The new sanction came with the last patch of the game, came a combo of benefits and penalties for the bad losers, Apex have thought of all those players who courageously and honorably reach the end of the games but do not have the best results and have opted to punish those less honorable players who leave their teams because they are losing, usually the games are developed in groups of 3 people, leaving one of them leaving the rest of the team at a total disadvantage, so it was thought that by adding a penalty to that act of cowardice many of the players would think several times before leaving the game

Although the penalty is not a great injury to the player nobody wants to be penalized, the penalty will only be exposed to those players who leave a game and want to re-enter another, action that will be interrupted by a 10-minute wait timer before to go back to find games.

What is sought with this new sanction is to avoid the unexpected departure of some players that affects the games of their teammates putting them at a disadvantage, perhaps it is a too loose sanction for which some players do not really give total importance but surely others will be affected by being forced to wait for 10 long minutes to start a new game, maybe it was a good idea from Respawn Entertainment.

What could be the cons of this sanction?

What could be the cons of this sanction?

Even though you can see everything right from the first glance, some players will feel more supported by the developers when they take out a function that supports their game against cowardly players who leave the game voluntarily. What happens if you abandon the game? Left involuntarily? It turns out that if you have a very bad connection or very bad connection you will also be sanctioned for leaving the game, being an unfair penalty this way you have thought about this and the developers have put the sanction so that if you leave the game a first time you will only be penalized for 5 minutes, and if you return this a habit the fourth time you will be sanctioned with the 10 regulatory minutes. So do not worry if you have a bad connection if you go to the first, but it is important to keep in mind that if you leave by bad connection it is better to stop playing a bit until the connection stabilizes in a more fluid to avoid stronger sanctions such as lengthening the waiting time to 10 minut

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