Octane would be the new playable character of Apex Legends

Octane would be the new playable character of Apex Legends

With the arrival of the first season of Apex Legends scheduled for March, it is to be expected that a first new character will arrive to the game. Although there is still nothing official about it, a user whose account has already been deleted has published on Reddit a supposed leak of how it would be like, with amazing details for being just an information leakage.

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Leaking Octane’s skills as new Apex Legend character

Specifically, the name of this new character is Octane, whose alias would be the High Speed ​​Daredevil. In addition, the user leaking the information has published a series of images in which you can see both his appearance and his abilities.

For example, his passive would be Swift Mend, which allows him to recover life progressively while out of combat, so this passive seems to have enough synergy with his first ability. Adrenaline Junkie, as this skill would be called would grant him a motion speed bonus of 30% for six seconds.

In return, a sacrifice 10% of Octane´s life would be taken every time the motion speed bonus is used, so the regeneration of the passive would be very useful.

The ultimate Octane´s skill would be Launch Pad which effect is simple: releasing a launch pad that will make users get fired in the air. It is expected that not only work with Octane but also with their peers, so it will allow the team to hurry before moving forward to the new circle.

If these skills are true, it seems that Octane will be a character strongly focused on mobility. In any case, it should be remembered that it is a leak and that it is not official information, so it may not be real or, even if it is, that is not the next character to appear in the game.

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