NVIDIA launches new drivers specially optimized for Apex Legends

NVIDIA launches new drivers specially optimized for Apex Legends

One month in the market and Apex Legends has achieved more than 50 million players and make a good rip at Epic Games. And, the game developed by Respawn and distributed by Electronic Arts is the new sensation regarding battle royale type games, many leaving Fortnite clearly aside and that even giants like Nvidia are demonstrating.

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For example, the developers have promised a lot of content for this game so NVIDIA also wants to offer support and that is why they have released the Game Ready drivers optimized exclusively for Apex Legends.

Additionally, support is also added for the Devil May Cry 5 and Tom Clancy’s Division II titles, so anyone with a GeForce graphics card can update drivers and not only enjoy Apex Legends, but other games with high volume frame rates that are perfect for monitors with high refresh rate in hertz, giving a more fluid experience.

Details on NVIDIA drivers optimized for Apex Legends

Specifically, these new GeForce 419.35 WHQL drivers implement some new features that improve the stability and optimization of the game in NVIDIA graphics either in previous series of 10xx nomenclature and the new 20xx, as well as the launch of a bundle with games for RTX graphics and the compatibility of three monitors with G-Sync technology manufactured by Ben-Q and Acer.

Also, the problem known as ‘DXGI_ERROR_DEVICE_HUNG‘ that caused the forced crashing of Apex Legends in some systems is corrected. In the same way, graphics problems were adjusted in Hitman 2, rendering problems of the snow were fixed in Batman: Arkham Origins under PhysX, as also happened in the Assassin’s Creed 4: Black Flag on the RTX 2080.

The problems in Microsoft.Photos.exe have been fixed and the issue of CPU overload in the NVDisplay: Contanier.exe is fixed. Of course, for all these improvements and best optimization of Apex Legends in Windows 10 you should download the official drivers from the NVIDIA website.

Apex Legends Game:

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