New character on Apex leaked: Octane

Apex came out not so long ago and within its popularity, we also have new theories and leaked information. And yes, the new rumors are that we will have soon a new character, probably called Octane, High Speed Daredevil. But let’s rewind, when did all started? Who said this? What we already know about Octane?

octane new caracter

This whole story started when dataminers uncovered a list of names. Octane was one of those, but they also found Rosie, Jericho, Prophet and Crypto. And that’s not all, because they also uncovered data like “Octane_stim_inject” or “Octane_stim_release”, which might give us a hint that this character use some type of injection for maybe speeding up.

Details about Octane – Apex Legends

The first image that we got came from Reddit. A user called Beartoots shared a blurred image that was pretty much the description we were imagine. This makes us all thing that Octane is, in fact, happening in a future. The character has some neon tubing system and cylinders with metal legs, which indicates that he could have some type of injection system and be a cyborg.

Unfortunately, this user didn’t gave away too much and never said it was a testing for Apex. But, on that same day, another user posted another picture of the same character. This time it was showing Octane’s abilities, which are: Swift Mend (to slowly recover while not taking damage), Adrenaline Junkie (moving 30% faster in 6 seconds, and takes 10% health), and Launch Pad (deployable jump pad that catapults users through air).

Finally, days later we have more evidence. We now have a photoshop art-in-progress of Octane and it looks in the same style and design we already know very well from Apex. So, or this is a very convincing scam, or soon we will have new characters. We’re guessing is the second one.

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