How to use the tactical ability of the protective dome in Apex Legends

This tactical skill, which is a barrier that is used in the right place. When it comes into contact with the ground, it forms a protective dome in Apex Legends , which can provide shelter not only to its hero, but also to the allies. Acts only 15 seconds.

But even this is enough to cover your team from an unexpected attack. It should be noted that shooting the enemy, being behind the dome, is possible, since it only blocks the shots aimed at him.

Also, using the dome, you can isolate the player from the opposing team. Therefore, you will have the opportunity to fight with him one by one. You can not worry about the shots, they can not reach you while behind a shield.

Although, if you act many times this tactic, the companions of the enemy will soon approach you.

Always remember that the protective dome in Apex Legends is only half the sphere. It follows that if it is at an elevation, at the time the dome is activated, it will not be fully protected.

How to use the tactical ability of the protective dome in Apex Legends

The danger of gaps with the protective dome in Apex Legends

And if there are still gaps underneath, then you must be extremely careful, otherwise the enemy can shoot at your feet.

In case they attack you from a long distance, try to place the shield directly in front of the character to form a protective barrier. Always watch carefully from what angle they are trying to attack you so that you understand how to move forward.

The ” protective dome” will be more useful if it is stopped. You can not defend your team while you move. At the same time, this is a wonderful way to take care of your companions, after their fall, if they were wounded in the battle.

This is due to the fact that the shield lasts longer than required to restore the health of a pair of allies.

Let drop the dome just when you encounter the enemy . This will help you to divide the battle area into two parts. The attacker will calm down or try to approach the barrier, which will increase their own risk of failure.

And there you can attack it so that it can not be hidden, do not let it reach the dome, as it can hurt you, when it falls and the enemy is near.

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