How to play with Pathfinder – Apex Legends

If you are interested in this new game, Apex Legends, then you probably want to know more about its characters. Something very attractive about this game is that every character has specific abilities to make a great team. On this blog you can find guides on every one of them, but on this post we will talk about how to play with Pathfinder. This character is available for free since the beginning of the game so you can play with it without any problems.

Know more about Pathfinder

Pathfinder is an interesting character that can be decisive in a team. As we mentioned before, it is available for free and its abilities are pretty useful in a tricky situation. Pathfinder is a Forward Scout and it is a great character to move fast through the map or even relocate your teammates with a hook. Let’s take a look to every ability so you can know how to play with Pathfinder:

Its tactical ability is Grappling Hook. With this one you can reach difficult places or structures that other characters can’t. This way you can find unique weapons or special packages. You can also use this ability to move others, which can be useful to escape or rescue a friend.

Its passive ability is Insider Knowledge. This ability will help you to find the next ring. To use this scan, you need to be close to one of the tower structures.

Its ultimate ability is Zipline Gun. This tool will be useful in teams, because everyone can use the zipline. This ability can be a great option to escape if your team is in a difficult situation.

As you can see, Pathfinder is an interesting character that can change the entire game. If its use well, this cyborg can lead your team to the end without problems.

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