How to play with Octante

The first legend added to the original Apex Legends squad comes along with the first season of the game. Octane reaffirms himself as the best solitary wolf.

It has been done to pray. The highly anticipated first season of Apex Legends finally lands in our homes, and it was worth it. Along with the huge amount of rewards attached to the battle pass, a new legend is added to the initial cast: Octane. The adrenaline junk leaves behind the world of holocintas to measure him in the Apex games. His presence was an open secret; weeks before his arrival his appearance and his abilities were filtered. What on paper was pointing high more is once you develop with it. Octavio becomes the legend that we all deserved, and as part of our detailed guide we let you know why.

You have to understand Octane as a character one hundred percent focused on individualities. Like Bloodhound or Bangalore itself, they are legends that have abilities that increase the likelihood of surviving without the help of their peers. In the case of this, your offer speaks for itself. The healing is quite fast; it is true that the percentage per segment is scarce, but in just a few minutes we can fill the bar, which will be great for first shootings after the initial jump or to recover after the search for equipment within the first circle.



You move 30% faster for 6 seconds. It consumes health when used.


Quick repair

Recover health automatically over time.


Jumping platform

Deploy a platform that catapults those who use it through the air.

As it is evident is a character that promises a lot on the battlefield, you just need to experiment a bit with him to know how to use his skills correctly, although looking at his attributes it will not be difficult to get used to running fast and replacing life in little time.

If you need more information about Apex Legends, go to the home page and see all about you need know for be a good player and the community respect you in the entire world.

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