How to play with Lifeline – Apex Legends

Apex Legends is a recent game that has everyone very interested in. It is really fun and if you like Battle Royale games, then this is definitely for you. If you want to know more about characters, on this blog we have guides for each one, but on this post we will talk about how to play with Lifeline. This character is very special and have important abilities. You can play with her for free without any problem.

Know more about Lifeline

Lifeline is an interesting character on Apex that is basically the doctor or healer of the game. This Combat Medic is available for free since the beginning of the game and it is the only one character in it that has a very specific role. If you are playing in squads or duos, Lifeline has impressive abilities to rescue and heal teammates really fast. Let’s take a look at every ability so you can know more about how to play with Lifeline:

Her tactical ability is D.O.C Heal Drone. This ability let you automatically and progressively heal all your friends that are close to you. This is very useful if one of your friends gets knocked down.

Her passive ability is Combat Medic. With this ability you can heal your friends 25% faster while you create a shield around them to protect both of you. This way you can help all your friends quickly if you guys are in the middle of a fight.

Her ultimate ability is Care Package. This ability is a call for help. It basically ask for a care package where you will find high quality defensive equipment. This ability can be a game changer if you are in a critical situation.

As you can see, Lifeline is basically a healer and it should be used on teams. This way, you know you will be able to help all your friends quickly if they get down.

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