How to play with Gibraltar – Apex Legends

Apex is a new game that has been very popular in a short period of time. If you want to know more about Apex Legends and how to play it, on this blog we have guides on every character so you can know better their abilities. But, on this occasion we will talk about how to play with Gibraltar on Apex. This is a very interesting character that is available for free since the beginning. Keep reading to find out more about him!

Know more about Gibraltar

This character is one of the six that are available for free since the beginning of the game, so you can play with him without any problem. His abilities are pretty interesting, especially if you are playing in a team. So, let’s take a look at each one of his abilities so you can know more about how to play with Gibraltar:

His tactical ability is Dome of Protection. This skill will let you create a dome shield that will protect everyone under it through 15 seconds. This ability is very useful for the team and can be a game changer option.

His passive ability is Gun Shield. With this you will be able to create a shield while you are shooting your enemies. This will protect you from any attack.

His ultimate ability is Defensive Bombardment. This ability will let you mark a spot with smoke and call for a bomb attack on it. This trick can be very useful at the end of a match.

As you can see, this character is the tank of the team. Is basically to defend everyone, so it is very heavy and you need to know that you won’t be running fast with him. It is better to keep him in a static position because either way he can protect himself. But, if you use his abilities right and have a good strategy, this character can keep safe your entire team.

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