How to play with Bangalore? – Apex Legends

Apex Legends is an incredible game that came out recently, reaching high standards and popularity in a short time.

If you are new on this game and want to know how to play with some characters, on this blog you will find more info about each one of them. In this occasion, we will talk about Bangalore. This is a good character in the game that is available for free since the beginning. Keep reading to know how to play with Bangalore?

Knowing more about Bangalore

Bangalore is a typical fighter character on Apex Legends. It is a professional soldier and, as we mentioned before, it is available for free. This is a great character to attack opponents and fights in the filed because is the typical character with great skills with weapons. Also, her abilities are linked to this skillset too, so let’s see each one of those:

Her tactical ability is Smoke Launcher. This will throw a high speed smoke grenade that will create a smoke wall, which is very useful to escape or heal quickly in the middle of the fight.

Her passive ability is Double Time, which means that if you are running while they are shooting you, you will go faster for a short period of time.

Finally, her ultimate ability is Rolling Thunder, which sends a progressive massive attack to opponents, extremely useful if you are really close to them.

As you can see, this character is basically to attack, which means the best position for her is to be on the front of the team or hidden to surprise your enemies with the Rolling Thunder. It is a great character to plan amazing strategies because of her big range of abilities, so don’t doubt on choosing Bangalore to play on Apex Legends.

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