How to get legendary weapons in Apex

The key to victory in any Battleroyals is to have weapons in good condition, however sometimes it is difficult to obtain them because the map is huge and sometimes we are not clear on where we should land.

How to get legendary weapons in Apex
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Certainly there are weapons that meet the expectations of most players but for others they may have an interesting feature that makes it their ideal weapon.

But beyond that is the classification of weapons, this is what makes a truly good weapon and with sufficiently complete characteristics to use it in an entire game without wanting to release it, this classification is seen in all weapons ranging from common to legendary

Trick to acquire legendary weapons

There are many ways to get a legendary weapon within a game however with this trick you can have a higher chance of getting the legendary style that is the highest ranking we can get at the moment in the game.

Going for the map looking for weapons is the most everyday thing in all the Battleroyals, in fact in part the game is focused on what we can get for the map to be able to survive, ammunition, weapons, medicines and others.

You can enter the training mode, pass the complete tutorial, going through all the weapons of the game without skipping any of them, which will make when you return to multiplayer mode for a period of time not so prolonged you are more likely to obtain legendary weapons.

Best Weapons of Apex Legends

It is important to know the weapons of the games to be able to make good use of them, to know which is light, burst, and automatic, among others. Knowing this is essential when playing so that it is not so complicated to decide which one we need.

We start with the best gun for many, the Wingman that has light ammunition and is able to reload in 2.10 seconds without additional improvements; it is a fairly powerful weapon despite being a gun and causing great damage.

How to get legendary weapons in Apex

The best shotgun of the game we could say that it is the Peacekeeper with cartridge ammunition and a magazine that recharges in 2.5 seconds, the Carbine rifle would be one of the best Snipers with light ammunition and a reload speed of 2.4 seconds.

The best Apex weapon

On the battlefield it is always effective to use a weapon with great stability and with a high cadence that generates a lot of damage to the target, in addition its caliber is important, how much ammunition it is capable of supporting and the time it takes to replace its charger.

That is why it is considered among the vast majority that the Spitfire could be the best weapon in the game by far before all the weapons, it is a weapon with a lot of stability, with a large magazine and a type of ammunition that makes it undoubtedly a completely destructive weapon, ideal short and long distances.

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