How to behave on the map in Apex Legends?

The size of the map in Apex Legends is significantly lower than the locations of Playerunknowns Battlegrounds and Fortnite, but it is more elaborate in terms of placing shelters and moving between objects. 

Often, you can get together using cables or ropes with balls that allow you to fly quickly over a large part of the territory. In any other “Battle Royale”, the developers try to solve the problem of moving characters by adding transports, but the authors of Apex Legends adopted a more original form.

How to behave on the map in Apex Legends?
How to behave on the map Apex Legends

Now, as for the landing, you can see different areas marked with colored markers:

  • Gray: Low quality boot (1st level)
  • Green: Highest quality boot (level 2)
  • The purple is a boot of high quality (level 3).

Random map in Apex Legends

Also on the map appears a random blue area where you can find the most valuable booty of legendary quality. Both the equipment and the weapons fall under it, and at the same time, all the modules will be installed immediately on the last one, and you will not have to look for them on the map.

From the beginning of the game, boats will fly around the area, where you can also find especially valuable items. But keep in mind that a lot of players against enemies, so be prepared to join the battle only a couple of minutes after landing.

And yet, in random places on the Apex Legends map , there are special constructions that emit sounds. They are purple and gold, which characterizes the construction of the things contained in them. You need to break it to get a great article, so be careful with the environment.

Another important point is the flight technique after landing from the ship. Virtually all beginners do not know that it is possible not only to keep the “forward” button pressed, but to fly much farther, planning, so to speak, on air flows. 

As soon as the right slider control goes down, you also go down. When it is level. So fly, level and direct the character down until you reach the desired point on the map.

Legendary things: the pros and cons

Here, you have found a golden pistol on the map and you think you won. But no, legendary things have their own nuances, which are worth telling.

For example, a weapon. The same “Mastiff” shotgun is capable of knocking out your opponent with a couple of shots. A sniper rifle “Crabber 50”, in general, can shoot down. 

There is also an automatic assault rifle, which allows you to continue firing, even when you are “hit”. Gold armor restores a full supply of shields, if you executed an opponent, and a 750-unit knockout shield gives you the opportunity to regenerate once after the “hit”. 

The golden backpack adds 6 additional units of space , and a helmet cuts the damage to the head by 50%.

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