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Combat, weapons and equipment advice from Apex Legends

Apex Legends combat is fast, complex and a bit intimidating if you’re more accustomed to slower battle royale, but once you get the hang of it, it’s very agile. Here you have our advice.

Combat Tips from Apex Legends

Use your abilities. It is a simple advice but it is easy to forget. Even the Bangalore smoke grenade can change the game if you use it right. Try firing at a particular enemy when you are at a disadvantage so you can focus on firing at another, for example.

Jumping after sliding will help you in combat. Simply jumping up and down like a rabbit will not help you in the Apex bouts. However, the jump after sliding allows you to move quickly and erratically, so it is more difficult to get them.

it’s not just about killing

The damage has color code. The shots to the head are yellow, and the damage to the body is either the color of the enemy’s shield (purple, blue or white) or red if it no longer has a shield. You can change the way the shots appear in the menu, in case you prefer a number for each successful bullet or a single number that indicates the total damage done.

There is usually no time to throw ultis in the middle of combat. The time it takes to launch an air attack, clearly telegraphed to the enemy, is best exploited by taking advantage of the surprise factor. Use the ultis only on the occasions when you see a clear advantage.

Equipment and weapon tips from Apex Legends

The armor (or shields) and the helmets are always taken over. If you have killed an enemy and you take his body armor, you will always receive it as much as possible. You will not have to worry about whether it is more or less damaged as in PUBG.

The weapons have color code depending on the type of monitor. Look in the lower right corner and you’ll see the type of ammunition it uses so you can check it faster.

you just need to know your environment

The boxes of the corpses have a color code that tells you what the highest rarity of the loot is inside. If you eliminate an enemy with a legendary backpack, for example, your box will be yellow until you remove it (and then it will change color). Take a look especially at the purple and gold boxes to get the best loot.

Pick up loot at full speed. The faster you are the better, so practice. You will have to learn to instinctively recognize the weapons that interest you and the difference between when the window of an accessory indicates that it is equipable or if you can only add it to your inventory.

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