Hackers are using an exploit to remove smoke in Apex Legends

Hackers are using an exploit to remove smoke in Apex Legends

According to different users and Lucas Hakansson specifically as a professional video game player, different hackers are using some exploit in Apex Legends in order to remove smoke out of the game, giving them a tactical advantage regarding those players who obviously are not cheating.

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At this point, Respawn Entertainment and Electronic Arts as associated company have not posted anything related to this situation, although it is expected soon to come with a solution by such companies to avoid cheating, as a natural thing many successful games suffer at their early stages.

Details about the first hack in Apex Legends

In details, players of Apex Legends have denounced a cheat in the game that seriously affects the development in the matches; the total removal of smoke. In fact, smoke is an element that is important in the game, both in relation to the weapons that use it as well as the direct consequences that it entails for the gameplay.

For example, Lucas Hakansson as former professional player of Overwatch that was known as “Mendokusaii“, has explained that there are users using an exploit in the Respawn Entertainment game, being a vulnerability that can be activated with a simple manipulation of the game files, especially on PC platform.

Thus, the exploit makes the players defenseless if they are using smoke to hide or disguise their position if only they see it, hindering their visibility but not being discovered in the event that rivals do not see any kind of smoke.

In this way, a hack of this type may bring negative consequences for the game, since players who do not cheat are going to feel disappointed on the functioning of the title. Until the moment, Respawn Entertainment and associates have not posted anything regarding the exploit, but it is expected such hack should be solved with a security patch and responsible users banned.

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