Get a new Pathfinder exclusive look with Twitch Prime

Apex Legends has been with us for a month and a couple of weeks and so far the public for the game keeps raising and interested.

Respawn made a great promotion the first days and now more than 50 million gamers are enjoying the legends. But, this is not all, because so far, Respawn tries to surprise us every week with something new. So, what if we want more gifts? Well, if you know Twitch or you already are on it, you need to know the great news!

Get Twitch Prime right now for great surprises

Twitch is a streaming platform where you can watch all your favorite gamers play for hours. It is very popular right now, and a lot of Apex fans are on it. Actually, Apex Legends is now one of the most viewed games on the platform. So, if you would like to see other gamers and join the community, now you have another reason to do it: you can get a gift.

This announcement was made for the official Apex page letting us know that if we get Twitch Prime we will receive a new aspect for Pathfinder, a more purple and finished look for our friend. But this is not all, because we also will receive 5 Apex packs with new and unique objects for your legends and team.

This is a great deal if you like to change the aspect of your legends and look way cooler but you don’t want to spend a bunch of money on that. Let’s remember that Twitch is a company under Amazon. So, if you have Amazon Prime or Prime Video membership, then you already have Twitch Prime. To get it, you just need to update your account on Twitch to receive the rewards on the game.

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