EA paid Ninja 1 million to play Apex Legends

It is not a surprise for anyone that big companies want to sponsor good gamers and maybe a partnership with them for test and more.

Apparently, this happened to Tyler Blevins, one of the most popular gamers known as Ninja, and its price was 1 million dollars. Now, even for Ninja, this seems to be a very high number and EA hasn’t confirmed anything. So, what do we know about this? Who said this?

EA payed for a good promotion of Apex Legends

As we mentioned before, EA hasn’t confirmed anything about this subject, but we got some anonymous information either way. However, let’s remember that this type of business has specific conditions and probably the gamers can’t talk about this because of confidentiality, and when money is involved, sometimes things aren’t clear even when companies want to have a very transparent relationship with everyone.

So, EA hasn’t confirmed, Ninja didn’t answer any question about it, so what do we know so far? An EA representative said the company had a marketing plan that involved multiple layers, so we can expect streamers and youtubers to be on this. There was already “paid compromises” because the company wanted to present the game quickly to the public. However, he also said that this was only the first day after the launch. The rest of the week, every stream was organic.

This is not a surprise for anyone, because we already know that Twitch streamers and youtubers get paid for promotion. And also, we got to know not so long ago that Ninja makes about $500.000 or more per month. The first day Apex was available, he and Shroud had a banner that said “Apex Legends partner”, so it is very possible that EA paid them both for the exposure of the game, knowing that they’re both the most successful streamers right now.

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    ea payed ninja to play apex legends

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