Download Apex Legends for Android / iOS

Apex Legends is the fashion game. The Battle Royale of EA is played by millions of people a day and has managed to exceed the number of viewers of Fortnite on Twitch, but not its number of followers (two million versus 40 million, respectively).

The CEO of EA confirmed that they have plans to bring Apex Legends to mobile platforms in the same way that Epic Games did with Fortnite and, once again, history repeats itself.

Download Apex Legends for Android / iOS

Apex is in everywhere

When the Fortnite boom began, dozens of fake APKs that promised access to the game from Android appeared on the Internet. These were either infected with malware, or were a phishing attack to steal accounts from Epic Games, or they asked you to download an App you saw an advertising video to “verify” the installation. With Apex Legends the exact same thing is happening.

Search Apex Legends on Google

In 0.34 seconds, Google returns more than 330,000 results. The first four, those that appear above all, are false.

Simply search “Download Apex Legends APK” or “Apex Legends APK Android” on Google to find dozens of websites and videos on YouTube that claim to have got the game installation file. They give you a download link to an APK that, in the first instance, seems legitimate, but that is about everything except the game.

Apex Legends is not yet available for mobile

If we start to see the APKs that circulate on the web weigh around 70 MB when the PC game weighs 20.3 GB and Fortnite for mobile about 2 GB. And so we could continue with all Apex Legends APKs that swarm the web because, at the moment, it is not available.

But that does not mean that it is ever since the creators themselves have said in their own words that they intend to bring the game to mobile devices, it’s just a matter of time to know how Apex Legends will be on Android and iOS.

But something if it is safe, when the developers decide to launch the game we will be the first to warn you that they will download it directly from the official link as we have always done