Apex will not allow keyboard and mouse on consoles

Again respawn demonstrating how valuable its users are for they have decided to take action on another issue that is affecting players on SONY and Microsoft platforms.

Apex will not allow keyboard and mouse on consoles

In this case it is about what multiple users who currently play with control have been notifying the Apex technical service, among so many user demands and discontent of what the community would have chosen to take action on those players who use keyboard and mouse.

Shooting support only

Like any shooting game in first, second or third person on video consoles we can realize that there is some support from the game to be able to aim and shoot in a much simpler way.

It is a facility that many games have had for many years and began to be implemented with the advancement of technology in video games, they may not be the first but we remember with great enthusiasm the call of duty as the most referring to this game trend.

It is not so easy to be able to point the enemy with the levers of the console control as it can be with a mouse and a keyboard, for this type of situations it is that we have chosen to implement this type of functions in this type of games.

Why do you use Apex keyboard and mouse?

As mentioned above there is a game system that is already established for this type of games, with which we can get an idea of ​​how easy it would be to play with mouse and keyboard plus the help of shooting, it would be a complete disaster and chaos Total for players who play with the usual controls.

Apex will not allow keyboard and mouse on consoles

On the part of Respawn they could have chosen what it would be to create a system that recognized players who use keyboard and mouse to create lobbies between players who use these advantages by separating them from those who use every day controls.

What happens if I play Apex with a keyboard and mouse from a console?

Seeing everything that Apex has been doing with the cheats and hackers who want to try to break the rules that they have previously established, it is not a good idea to try to go through that path since they could only get suspension penalties and in the worst case the total loss from account.

Many users are better able to play with keyboard and mouse but it is best to get a computer in conditions to play with these peripherals, unless in the future Respawn decides to form a lobby specifically for those players with peripherals other than the command Traditional is better to stick to the rules.

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