Apex Season 2

Apex season 2. New surprise on the part of Respawn and its team of developers since they have finally announced season 2 of their famous game Apex Legends in which we will find some pretty good surprises.

Apex season 2

We already knew some details of Season 2 that is coming, and now we have many more, such as the release date, a new weapon and a new Legend.

The second season of Apex Legends, called Battle Charge, will start on July 2, if there is something that is currently marking a good part of what surrounds the sector of video games worldwide, those are the titles focused on the Battle modality Royale

New legend in Apex

In this case, Wattson is an electrical engineer. With it we can install up to twelve nodes and use them in any combination to create fences. If an enemy crosses them, it will be stunned and all your squad mates will be alerted. With its ultimate it can invoke stations that create devastating bombings.

The special ability of Wattson is also oriented to the defense: the placement of the turret will destroy the launching of projectiles between which it is included, for example, to the bombing that Bangalore can summon and in that way to conserve a good strategic position for you and your companions. In addition, this turret will reload the shields of the allies.

New weapons in Apex

New appearances have also been announced for weapons and legends such as Caustic. With the arrival of Season 2 will also be added a new weapon, the L-Star, which has already been leaked a few days ago. It will be quite powerful, says EA, it can be accessed by sending supplies and will have a golden rarity.

w weapons in Apex

They also have a new game mode

In addition to that, a new qualifying mode that will delight the most competitive players has been announced. It will be available the same day July 2, and there will be new legendary skins with the battle pass for characters and weapons.

It is worth noting that this second season of Apex Legends will come with a new battle pass, which will put at our disposal new daily and weekly challenges, updated rewards, new skins for the characters, as well as the ability to win other, new, alternative prizes game modes, weapons and character capabilities, etc.

Respawn will also present weekly and daily challenges, similar to Fortnite, which we can complete to reach level 100 as soon as possible. The rewards will also improve in this second season.

Apex Legends Game:

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