Apex Legends studies incorporating penalties for leaving the game

Respawn Entertainment, the developers of the free battle royale for PS4, PC and Xbox One, will penalize those who leave the games.

Respawn Entertainment, the developers of Apex Legends, will penalize players who leave the games of the free battle royale of PS4, PC and Xbox One prematurely.

Last week, the studio owned by Electronic Arts introduced an update with new features such as the possibility to continue the game with the latest group mates. But some players saw how, after leaving a game before it was over, the game made them wait five minutes to enter another game. According to Respawn, the measure was introduced by mistake.

The Respawn team says

“Internally, we have been working and testing this function, but it was not our intention or plan to have it ready with this update,” Respawn community manager Jay Frechette explained on Reddit.

“There was a fraction of the script that was not there and that was causing the penalty of leaving a game early to be active when it should not,” he adds. “That’s why [this feature] was not included in the patch notes.”

Since Respawn has not explained all the details of this functionality, but we do know that the penalty time will increase progressively as more games are abandoned ahead of time.

There is no date for the implementation of the feature

Also, if the equipment is not complete and the game is abandoned, no penalty will be received. Nor will receive any penalty if a player who has died leaves the game even if one of his teammates can still relive it.

The development team also does not have an estimated release date for this functionality, and they assure that they are doing internal tests with an updated version of it.

Update for Apex?

Apex Legends received with its season 1, Wild Border, a new Legend: Octane. However, it seems that is not the only character that will be introduced in the current season, according to information leaked by PlayStation.

The title of Respawn is available for free on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC (through EA Origin). Its premiere in February 2019 was the best start in figures of a free game.

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