Apex Legends Season 3 is in coming

At the beginning of the launch of Apex many content filters or dataminers set out to look for future content of the most controversial BattleRoyal today. Controversial due to the conflicts it has had throughout its launches to the different platforms, but in turn the positive impact it has had with its community of gamers.

Apex Legends Season 3 is in coming

It was very difficult at the beginning for the Respawn team to be able to keep all the miner data of their secret files at bay, it is a large team that is behind the development of Apex but the number of people who insist on accessing is even greater to the information they have stored with the data of the new contents.

Fortunately, this problem has been corrected so far and the files corresponding to the Apex projects are very safe, or at least part of them are, since recently another very important leak came to light

What does Season 3 of Apex Legends bring?

Respawn can make a very important leap to the top with this new season in which multiple users are waiting for the arrival of this new update, which could be arriving between October 1 or 3 according to user analysis and taking into account previous releases.

This new season could contain an updated map with cool areas to explore and have fun, the Crypto specialist who has been waiting for so much, renewed and striking weapons, among a couple of other things that could mark the history of the game.

Many users have been waiting for the launch of new game modes, the new legend promise and changes to the map that judging by the name that the battle pass will supposedly carry will possibly make the changes on the map safe.

Apex Legends Season 3 is in coming

Battle Pass of Season 3 Apex

It may be a strategy to get attention at a time of such a stir because of the early arrival of the 11th season of the competition, but the one that supposedly will be the name of the battle pass for the new Apex season came to light Legends

Fire and ice is the one that Respawn will apparently use to refer to its innovative battle pass which seems to be loaded with interesting content that may attract the attention of more than a few users who like to have skins and weapons in fashion .

Battle Pass Content

  • Character skins for Octane and Caustic.
  • Weapon skins for R301 (legendary, reactive).
  • Weapon skins for Spitfire (legendary, reactive).
  • Weapon skins for Alternator (legendary, reactive).
  • Legendary Apex package.
  • Epic Apex package.
  • 2550 Metals of Frabrication.

A battle pass pack that includes:

  • 25 battle pass levels.
  • Legendary skin exclusive to Spitfire.
  • Exclusive character skin.

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