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Apex, a game that attracts the attention of millions of players in a very short time; At present, the number of people following this title is still higher. Maybe this runs to the fame that has its developer Respawn; Developers already have a great reputation for creating high quality videogames like TitanFall.

There are many websites dedicated to the publication of content for videogames, among which is Reddit; a social bookmarking site and news aggregation where users can add text, images, videos or links. Other users can vote for or against the content, making them appear more or less prominent.

What is the relationship between Reddit and Apex Legends?

As mentioned above among some of the features of Reddit, is a site where users can enter to comment on their favorite games and even about games that do not seem very good at the same time.

It is well known that Apex has been presenting many faults since the first day of its launch; and although the Respawn team is still working to correct all possible errors, there is always one that escapes. Where do you think all the negative information in the game will stop? Have you already seen the connection between the sites? Well, guys, Reddit is a platform that is loaded with good and bad Apex information.

The developers of Reddit have designed an anti-spam system that works through the notices of users. Which has leaked a lot of information throughout its existence about Apex that has avoided repeating any of the threads of the game that have already been played several times.

Apex Information on Reddit Will Apex Legends have a night mode?

Apparently, information came to Reddit from Apex about an alleged night mode that could promise a good audience increase among the players of the famous title but which, however, Respawn has not taken into account since they have not mentioned anything about it.

Many users have made requests about a more dynamic environment within the game; they refer to the change in time between day and night; but the developers of Apex have decided not to place it or at least at the beginning of the game. Maybe after so many requests, Respawn take action in a short period of time!

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