Apex Legends records a 75% drop in audience on Twitch

The popular Battle Royale of EA and Respawn Entertainment recorded a sharp decline in views on the streaming platform after just one month.

Apex Legends, one of the sensations of the moment in the Battle Royale genre, has experienced a decrease in Twitch audience of up to 75% in just one month; this has been shared by the portal specializing in visualization records StreamElements, which has compared the audience figures of the title of EA and Respawn Entertainment with Fortnite of Epic Games.

Fortnite keeps its average

And it is that Apex Legends came by surprise to the market beating all records, achieving the 50 million players registered in just one month, something for which Fortnite needed four months, reaching in that time the 45 million users.

Of course, over time it seems that the visualizations of Apex Legends have fallen noticeably after its initial boom, significantly reducing its audience over the weeks; so much so that the EA title has gone from recording an average of 40 million hours of games viewed to just over 10 million.

Apex Legends records a 75% drop in audience on Twitch

For its part, Fortnite remains at its average around 20 million with the passage of the weeks in this beginning of 2019, achieving today a higher audience rate than Apex Legends, increasing even from mid-February to end-February.

Apex Legends is now available on PC, PS4 and Xbox One completely free of charge, title that recently received its patch 1.1 with many new features and arrangements, among which is the possibility of continuing games with the same squadron; In addition, Gibraltar and Caustic were also retouched by their creators for a better balance between characters.

For its part, Fortnite receives this April 25 a new event based on Marvel and Avengers Endgame coinciding with the release of the film in theaters.

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