Apex Legends reaches 50 million players

The battle royale game of Respawn Entertainment Apex Legends reaches in 28 days the same number of players than Fortnite that took four months to get that figure, as the title has exceeded 50 million players in a shorter period of time due to the great influence the game is having at this very moment.

In details, the figure comes from a tweet that Vince Zampella, the CEO of Respawn has published and who says that “there is much more to come”. For example, the director has also detailed other curious data, such as 158 million executions have been used, 1.2 billion of definitive skills have been utilized, 31 billion markers have been placed, 170 million players have been revived and up to 16.5 million enemy chests have been found.

Exceeding Fortnite figures by far

At this moment, Fortnite Battle Royale is still light years away from the game of Respawn with its more than 200 million players (the data is from November 2018), but to reach that figure it took more than Apex Battle Royale.

In numbers, Daniel Ahmad as analyst of the video game industry at Niko Partners points out that Apex got one million players in one hour, two and a half million in one day, 10 million in three days and twenty-five million in a week. For its part, Fortnite Battle Royale took two weeks to reach 10 million and 16 weeks to reach 45 million, a figure that the game of Respawn Apex Legends has exceeded in 28 days.

With no doubt, part of the great growth of battle royals at present time is due to the iPhone and Android available versions, and Apex Legends at the moment is only in consoles and PC but a mobile version is presumably coming, having this great success without even arriving to mobile versions just yet, as a reality that put the battle royale from Respawn in a very good position.

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