Apex Legends Perfect Landing

Apex Legends is by far one of the best games to play at the moment and millions of people can agree with it. This terrific video game was an inspiration of several shooters of this decade. Bungie’s Halo as well as Destiny had a surprisingly good narrative and combat systems engaged.


On the other hand, “Ubisoft’s Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege” showed the use of classes to change dynamics in addition to Blizzard Entertainment’s Overwatch in charge of the refining process of the shooter concept. Besides, in this post, you will get to know how to do Apex Legends Perfect Landing; the best places for landing.

Apex Legends was created on a source engine, employed in Titanfall games. In the development of the game, Smart Comm system was completely refined with continuous play testing omitting the voice chat and using random names to test the experience. Testers also modified some features included like maps size and the number of the players within the game as well as the squad size. Findings showed that over sixty players divided into squads of three on the map makes the game funnier and more enjoyable.    

Get to Know the Best Places for Landing in Apex Legends

Let say you started playing Apex Legends and wonder where to drop. This can be a complete challenge when other team players tag along, especially if there is a jumpmaster around to decide where all players must land. You should know by now that separating from the group is a terrible mistake, for talking other into dropping in order to find the best loot is a good call.

Here you have some places worth mentioning to explore, but remember that scouting where teams could drop so you avoid conflict is a reasonable strategy. These are some of the best landing places in Apex Legends.

Common Loot Havens” for those willing to get decked out should drop in “Airbase”, “Bunker” or “Pit”. The latter has several boxes which players can crack open although they would be exposed while harvesting the valuable gears.

The “Quieter Loot-Filled Locales” is set to be another place for landing as above places have the tendency of being crowded with hostile enemies. As a result, Cascades or even Hydro Dams become great places for those avoiding firefights.

 Finally, “No Traffic Zones” made for those seeking a place to hide until the end. It important to pay attention to where your enemies land in other to land as far as possible to secure survival. After reading this post, get ready to do the best Apex Legends Perfect Landing.

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