Apex Legends leaked a year ago and apparently no one noticed

There is no doubt: Apex Legends started on the right foot and became one of the most popular games of this year. In fact, not even a week had passed since its release and already 25 million players had tried it.

Today, just one month after its launch people have considered it a success and it is even said that it will dethrone its competition: Fortnite.

Of course, naturally Apex Legends was not developed overnight but it seems that it would have been like that. The reason is that the company Respawn Entertainment, better known as creators of Titanfall, handled the project very tightly.

Thus, it was a surprise when together with Electronic Arts they announced the arrival of this new Battle Royale.

However, the company did not expect that the secret was not hidden from everyone when a person online came to reveal that Respawn Entertainment had planned a Battle Royale of its own a year ago.

Definitely a striking detail, almost as much as the fact that this information was completely ignored.

Specifically, on March 20, 2018 a user named Hiticonic made a particular publication on Reddit. Within the Titanfall forum showed what would be a first version of the current map of Apex Legends. In addition, this person noted that this was “the alleged mini-map of the rumored Battle Royale of Titanfall.”

Hititonic had hit the mark and was far ahead of the launch of the game. However, if the few comments related to the post of the publication it is easy to realize that nobody wanted to believe.

Those who wrote commented on things like “I hope this never happens” or “this is completely false”. With 14 comments the subject was closed and left in oblivion.

In other words, the existence of Apex Legends passed in front of everyone without us noticing. At least members of the Respawn team were able to sleep peacefully knowing that they could finish their work without external pressure, as something they can say know due to the success of the game.

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