Apex Legends Favorite Characters

Apex Legends is the mind blowing battle royale video game everybody is crazy about. Three days after the game was launched, it had ten millions of players with one million current peak.

Just a week after being released, Apex Legends got 25 millions of players and the popularity spread up to the point that many video game analysts considered that Apex Legends would challenge the supremacy Fortnite Battle Royale had by then. The game is wonderful. It is a solid success and we will give you the best insight. Get to know the Apex Legends Favorite Characters.


Apex Legends: Get to Know the “Legends”

There are eight important characters or “Legends” in Apex Legends you can choose from. Those legends are BloodhoundPathfinderBangaloreGibraltarWraithLifeline, and finally Caustic and Mirage who are two legends that can be unlocked. In the game, each one of the characters has some specific abilities, meaning that players get to test them all in order to select the one that fits their style.


As the name refers to, Bloodhound is a character whose main ability is tracking. This legend is suitable for those who enjoy tracking enemies before attacking them.


On the other hand, Pathfinder is wonderful to scout. This legend is armed with a grapping hook in order to climb up cliffs so they survive further situations. Pathfinder has a “Zipline Gun” very useful to get other team members out of “sticky” circumstances.


Bangalore is sort of a “tried” and “true” soldier equipped with several abilities that fans of first shooter will be delighted with.


Gilbraltrar has been designed to be the protector. It has been provided with a gun shield and a dome for protection against hazardous situations.


Wraith is a dimension jumper which makes it one to the trickiest enemies to face in the game. This legend is capable of open rifts for the team although this ability can be used by the enemy as they can pass through as well.


Lifeline is the healer and in this game you need definitively one. This legend has a heal drone that revitalizes other teammates who are in dangerous situations.


Caustic is a legend that baits other legends to a trap and kills them with toxic gas. But it can be a good allay as it is an excellent character for defense. Finally, Mirage is a legend designed to dupe those players with a hostile attitude. Mirage has a “cloaking” ability as well as “hologram” maneuvers that can confuse other players. These are Apex Legends Favorite Characters, download the game to get to know them better.

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