Apex Legends does not propose a version in Switch for now

The battle royale of Respawn Entertainment and Electronic Arts is present on PS4, Xbox One and PC, but does not propose a version of Switch for now. Apex Legends Switch.

Respawn Entertainment and Electronic Arts, responsible for Apex Legends, are aware of the interest of players in a version of Nintendo Switch to enjoy the battle royale in portable mode, as is already the competition with Fortnite. Still, according to the words of the project leader, Drew McCoy, to Wired: there are no changes in the version of Switch, so it is confirmed that we will not see it soon.

Apex Legends Switch

Therefore, we must settle for the versions of PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One for the moment, where the game is breaking records since it came out a few months ago. In fact, it boasts the achievement of being the best debut of a free to play in history, reaping up to 92 million dollars. Although his battle pass received a lot of criticism at the beginning, it seems to have convinced the players and many of those more than 50 million users of the battle royale have succumbed to the content offered by the pass. Finally, we remind you that we have a complete Guide so that you do not miss detail of Apex Legends and how to master it.

I cannot make any promises at the moment

In the video of the interview we can see McCoy and extract from it various interesting data. The one that occupies us in this piece is that the study is not working in a version of Switch for the moment. Specifically, these are his words: “If I came to Switch, we would say it and we would expand it all over the world.” We are listening to all the Switch players who say they want the game, but I cannot make promises at this time. Things that we are working on, so stay tuned for any news in the future, but currently we have nothing to announce. “

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