Apex Legends: destroy Caustic´s mines without exploding

Apex Legends: destroy Caustic´s mines without exploding

As in all some sort of hero arenas or any other games where roles are shared, in Apex Legends would not miss a character to act as trapper or scammer, being Caustic that same one in the universe created by Respawn and inspired by Titanfall.

In details, behind that gas mask hides the scoundrel that mines the entrances and exits of the buildings with toxic mines that put you at a disadvantage when crossing, with different effects and life decreasing to anyone passing by and if they do not observe and search in detail, they can suffer lethal effects if mines are activated nearly.

Of course, obviously you can always shoot those mines, but in doing so they simply detonate at a controlled distance, causing everyone to see that smoke and you may be forced to cross it, depending on the situation. Luckily, different players have realized that it is actually possible to destroy the mine without it exploding, being also very easy to do.

How to destroy Caustic’s mines without firing off?

To do so, the mine has three types of “rings” separated by straps. If you look closely, the two upper rings are greenish brown, while the bottom one is orange. So, the ones above are very easy to shoot, but they make the mine explode and release gas, but if you shoot at the bottom of the orange ring the mine breaks but does not release toxins whatsoever, as a method that only needs shooting practicing and good aim.

On the other hand, recently it has been discovered an ‘exploit‘ related to Caustic that allows you to block doors with mines when playing with him, so you can surely implement this little trick very often in the coming weeks, although being unauthorized it will surely be fixed with a patch or even worse; banned players who use it on the battlefield.

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