Apex Legends battle pass

Apex Legends battle pass. The competition in the videogame industry is very complicated. Companies begin to dispute their achievements; discuss the fact that a company has implemented a game mode first than another company and even improvements. Many companies have endless discussions about similar problems.

The truth is that when a method becomes very addictive all companies want to take a slice. Perhaps this is the case of Apex this time trying to follow the steps of its strongest and direct Fortnite competition, by implementing in its gaming system the battle pass.

But, unlike Fortnite, Apex only took 3 days to achieve the figure of 10 million players to acquire it; the company decided to implement 2 passes of battles; one of them you can get for free and the other you can get by paying a certain amount of money with the advantage offered by some extra things that the free does not.

Characteristics of the battle pass

It was not until March 19 that the first season of Apex Legends was unveiled; in it we can find the new Octane character and the implementation of the battle pass; You can get it for only $ 9.99 ($ 950 Apex Coins). This new battle pass has 100 levels that must be unlocked and that in turn also leaves some rewards

It’s a good option?

Normally a battle pass only seeks to annex improvements to the game with new content and even more complicated challenges; that allow you to spend hours in front of the screen to complete them or play with friends; to make the experience more fun and entertaining. However, for the Respawn team, the challenges are apparently not the priority among their ideas; since this first battle of Apex legends has no additional challenges to those that the game already has.

What brings the Battle Pass of Apex Legends?

Many opinions around this battlefield of Apex Legends, many active players were in distress to know what would be the novelties that would contain the first battle pass of the famous Apex Legends, however many criticisms arose after its appearance.

We can find New Skins, a new character, same graphics, no new challenges, same game modes; the truth is that many users began to create controversy in the face of such disinterest on the part of Respawn when launching a battle pass so scarce in content, that one part; while the other part were very satisfied with all the content.

And you do you think? Do you think this Apex Legends battle game is tailor-made for a game with so much demand worldwide? If you want to know more about the game just go to our homepage where you will find all the news of the title, we are always posting new and exclusive content for you

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