Apex Legends announces competitions in Latin America

After its launch and resounding success in the first few weeks, Apex Legends continues to stay ahead of the viewing statistics on Twitch, according to The Esports Observer. In order to maintain this excellent reception, the Electronic Arts and Respawn videogame now plans to become a esports and announces competitions in Latin America.

Apex Legends announces competitions in Latin America

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And, the Electronic Sports League or ESL as an organization and producer of esports that carry out videogame competitions around the world, announced through its website that the successful battle royale Apex Legends will make its triumphant entry with competitions in Latin America, starting on Sunday, March 10 with the specific name of Apex Games.

In this way, players from Ecuador, French Guiana, Guatemala, Guyana, Honduras, Haiti, Mexico, Nicaragua, Panama, Peru, Puerto Rico, Paraguay, Suriname, El Salvador, Uruguay, Argentina, Bolivia, Belize, Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica and Dominican Republic may participate in the tournaments in teams of three members and one substitute.

How to participate in the Apex Games in Latin America?

To participate, it must be taken into account that each squad must confirm their participation within the cup from 30 minutes before starting. Fortunately, this confirmation can be made from the same information page of the competition.

As for the format, the teams will be made up of three players and one substitute. In details, the matches will be the better of 2 to the quarterfinals, and from there, will be the best of 3, as indications explained the web. In addition, each round will award points to the squad according to their position and number of murders achieved, although ESL emphasizes that participants must join the Discord channel.

If you want to register for the first tournament that will take place on March 10, you can do so through the ESL and Respawn website, with a second tournament on March 12. You will find much more information in both competitions and their development sites.

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